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A Deeper Look

Bodyography is your source for professional makeup brushes! We are thrilled to offer cruelty-free makeup brushes that will support all your application needs. With a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect brush sets here. Longing for your next professional smudge brush? Explore our Brush Collection and enjoy the ease of Bodyography.

Bodyography’s professional eyeshadow palettes are sure to add next level flavor to your professional makeup kit. With options ranging from a sleek creamy finish to a powerful powdered eyeshadow palette, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Dive into Bodyography, and explore our Eyeshadow Collection!

Looking for a professional makeup kit? Bodyography has what you’re searching for! We are proud to be a leader in the space of cruelty-free and vegan professional grade makeup kits. Grab your new favorite makeup kit now! Explore our Makeup Kit Collection—your wait is almost over!

Ensure that your gorgeous makeup designs stay in place all day, with our professional makeup setting spray. Bodyography offers refreshing and hydrating cruelty-free makeup setting sprays. These setting sprays are a must-have for any professional makeup kit. Explore our Makeup Setting Sprays today. 

Now is the time to take your professional bridal makeup supplies to new heights! With Bodyography’s gluten-free bridal makeup kits, you will be able to create that fairytale wedding look for your blushing brides with ease! Explore our Bridal Collection for a flawless look that will last a lifetime!

Our cruelty-free hydrating primer is the perfect match for professional makeup artists. It offers a flawless base while hydrating the skin and setting the tone for an exquisite face of makeup. Explore our Hydrating Primer. Just go for it!

Ready for those most luscious lips? With Bodyography’s cruelty-free lip pencil, your smile is sure to stand out from the crowd! We offer a variety of colors sure to match your favorite lipsticks. Also, because we want you to continue to love your skin, we have enriched all of our lip pencils with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Explore our Lip Pencils—your professional lips have arrived! 

Grab the perfect color of lip gloss to complete your ideal look! Bodyography has the proper recipe to make sure your lips shine for hours, no tackiness and no worries! Our exclusive, non-sticky lip gloss formula also contains nourishing Aloe Vera extract that replenishes and hydrates the lips for a prettier pout. Explore our collection of Lip Glosses and pucker up!

The time has come to grab your liquid eyeliner pen! With our signature cruelty-free quick dry formula, we’ve provided a controlled application, every time. All our professional liquid eyeliner pens are created with paraben-free formulas and a natural pigment to craft that dramatic look. Explore our Liquid Eyeliner Pens. Perfection is no longer out of reach!