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Corporate Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

At Robanda International, we strive to create an environment where diversity and inclusion are pillars of importance to the success of our company. We embrace the unique differences that our employees and partners embody and believe this diversity makes our team stronger, our products more inclusive and our story more dimensional.

Achieving diversity & inclusion is important to us and an ever-evolving process. As we continue to grow and thrive we hope to enrich our company and team with talented individuals regardless of their race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other dimension of diversity. Today, the Robanda International team is made up of 57% women and 46% minorities - our goal is to continue to move forward with and broaden this effort as we bring on new employees, customers, and vendors.

One Planet, One Chance

At Robanda International, we commit to continue to incorporate sustainability considerations into all of our business practices; a small difference can make a significant impact! We have taken action across all of our brands in order to align with our sustainability goals by making the following choices:
  • Using laser printing instead of labels on packaging when possible
  • Using simple recyclable boxes printed with soy ink
  • Manufacturing over 60% of our brands in the USA
  • Working with manufacturers who pledge to reduce their carbon footprint by installing Solar Panels, Ice Bears and Water Demineralization Systems
  • Formulating clean and cruelty-free products
How our products are made and the origin of our ingredients is extremely important to us. Our products abide by the EU’s list of 1,300+ ingredients that are restricted for cosmetic use and we don’t use any plastic glitter or microplastic particles in our cosmetics – keeping our products out of our precious oceans. As we move forward, we continue to challenge ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment further.

Charitable Partnerships

Giving back to our community is at the forefront of Robanda’s success. We are proud to partner with local and national charities offering financial contributions, product donations and volunteering our time where we can. We contribute and support an incredibly diverse group of charities and nonprofits. Currently we are proud to partner with:
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Susan G. Komen Logo
PBA Covid-19 Relief Fund Logo
City of Hope Logo
Ocean Conservancy Logo
Ronald McDonald House Logo
US Holocaust Memorial Museum Logo
San Diego Jewish Family Service Logo
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