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The Creation of Our New Product Category: Liquid Blush

Liquid Blush is a product category that has intrigued me for quite some time. I'm drawn to the transformative impact of a liquid cheek product and its unique ability to be both long-wearing and impactful. However, the market is saturated with iterations that are either overly pigmented, dry down too quickly as a stain, or simply lack the punch and longevity I envision. Enter Color Cassette—a long-wearing, watercolor-like formula designed for easy layering, offering a lasting stain effect. 

My vision for this formula was to impart a whisper of color with the initial swipe, gradually intensifying with each layer. The beautiful serum consistency allows for playtime before setting into a lasting stain, ensuring Color Cassette can be worn all day. Formulated not only for cheeks but also for lips, it includes skincare ingredients that nourish your skin while providing a natural-looking flush. 

Starting with six shades, I soon realized less is more. After refining the selection, I settled on three, but then decided to add one more, giving us a total of four shades—two for light to medium skin tones and two for medium to dark skin tones. However, all shades can be worn across the spectrum of skin colors.

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Choosing a component was a deliberate process. Opting for a doe-foot applicator for easy application and multi-use on cheeks and lips, I sought something sleek and angular to stand out in the category. The discovery of a slim rectangular component immediately reminded me of a cassette tape, setting the tone for the shade names—inspired by music and sound, reflecting one of my main inspirations in everything I do and create.

Let's delve deeper into the formula and meet the shades: 

Color Cassette is a skincare-infused, multi-tasking liquid blush + lip product. It effortlessly blends and layers for your desired intensity. Lightweight and long-wearing, it's infused with Bakuchiol, providing anti-aging, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

What It Does: This light and buildable liquid blush seamlessly blends into the skin, offering a fierce flush or a whisper of color. The unique formula provides a beautiful slip, leaving the skin with a healthy, glowing stain that won't fade throughout the day. 

How It Works: Apply a few dots to the skin using the doe-foot applicator and blend with fingertips or a brush for blush. Swipe the applicator onto the lips and blot to apply on the lips. 


AMPLIFY - Bright Fuchsia
MELODY - Coral Pink
TEMPO - Soft Peach
SOUL- Baby Doll Pink 

I hope you adore these new Liquid Blushes as much as I do. We can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your routine!