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Pop of Purple Holiday Makeup Look

When you think ‘holiday makeup look,’ you often think glowing skin, red lips, and a bit of sparkle, right? Always beautiful; however, the Bodyography holiday makeup look takes on a different interpretation. I am always inspired by the makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts who create with Bodyography; it is their out of box creativity that inspires me every day, not only how I wear makeup myself, but the products I design for the brand.

This holiday season, the look I am going for is fresh-faced and modern with a cheeky pop of color and sparkle, and of course, no festive makeup is complete without a Glitter Pigment; I like to build my looks around my choice of Glitter Pigment shade. I am really into purple now (and always), so I have been gravitating towards Aura Glow Glitter Pigment; this duo-chrome lavender shade is incredibly stunning and takes on different shifts depending on who is wearing it and how.

Since I know I am wearing purple ‘glitter,’ I choose to keep the skin glowing and youthful, a little bit of Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer for an all-over skin refresh, and Skin Slip Concealer to lift and perfect the complexion. I don’t ever leave the house without Sunsculpt Bronzer and Highlighter Duo swept across my skin to bring a healthy warmth and soft sculpt; I also run a light wash of the Bronzer onto the lids and lower lash line for slight definition.

The eyes are the focal point of the look, yet simple, I pat Aura Glow Glitter Pigment onto the lids creating a wash of color, I keep adding to build to the desired shade of purple and finish off the eyes with Epic Lash, pressed firmly into the base of the lash acting as a tight liner. I have lazy girl brows right now, so just a comb through, and they are good to go. To add a little holiday kiss to the cheeks, I love Inner Glow Stick; I add it to the tippy tops of my cheekbones for a pretty sheen.

Holiday parties are all about eating and drinking, so for that reason (and because a nude lip is my staple), I will stick with a soft peach nude lip – Pouty Lip Pencil and Chiffon Fabric Texture Lipstick, I even dab a little on my cheeks too!

Now I have a modern and sparkly holiday look that I can pair with any outfit, but knowing me, it will be some form of black. Happy Holidays!