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Tiktok’s “WASHED DENIM” Eyeshadow Trend is Y2K Beauty Updated for 2023

Posted on January 04 2023

Bodyography was featured on NYLON in an article titled, "Tiktok’s “WASHED DENIM” Eyeshadow Trend is Y2K Beauty Updated for 2023". When Taylor Swift dons a wash of blue on her lids for her Midnights album cover, the trend is officially undeniable. Other celebrities that have been feeling blue lately include Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, and Dua Lipa. Lipa’s makeup artist Samantha Lau tells NYLON, “I find the blue eyeshadow in the early 2000s to be more frosty.” She prefers a more modernized version that still delivers dimension and shimmer, with less ice. “I start by applying an eyeshadow primer, then sweeping a color like the Dior Denim eyeshadow on the entire lid and up to the crease, blending out the edges,” she offers. “To make it a bit special, I’ll use my ring finger to tap a little of Bodyography’s Blue Morpho glitter on the lid.” To let the eyes dazzle, Lau recommends keeping the skin fresh and the lips looking natural. 

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