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5 Must-Try Makeup Looks for Valentine's Day

Whether you are coupled up or spending the day of love with your Galentines, the look of love is unique to everyone; here are a few key trends to get the most out of your Valentine's Day makeup look (hint hint: these trends will give even your most fabulous friends heart eyes!)

On Point Liquid Liner Pen on female model

1: Mad about Metallics

Don't throw away your frosty lip gloss just yet! A sheen on the lips is a nice little change from the matte moments of the past few years; it's youthful, flattering, and acts as a highlighter for your pout!

If you don't own a shimmering gloss or metallic lipstick, just run your finger over your powder highlighter and dab on top of your fav lipstick! Try our Lip Lava in Rose Moon & Crystal Moon or our Lipstick in Mistral & Sorbet to achieve the metallic lip trend! (TOP TIP: Our Lip Lava formula is kiss-proof, perfect for Valentine's Day!)

woman wearing Aura Glow Glitter Pigment

2: Beyond Blush

Catch your crush noticing your blush with our favorite blush trend, draping. You have probably seen this dramatic trend on the runways of past seasons but draped blush is back, only this time, it's soft and diffused using natural and more demure shades.

Take your favorite pale pink or peach blush and apply it to the apples of the cheeks, then pull upwards and bring the blush around the sides of your eyes (yes, like eye blush). This technique brightens the whole face and gives you a permanent blushing smile. We love Bashful and Afterglow Blush for this trend!

3: Bedazzled Beauty

We have Euphoria to thank for the current obsession with bedazzled makeup accessories, but we remember this trend from high school a la Paris Hilton!

Add a twinkle to your eye look with tiny pearls or crystals as a liner or an inner corner pop of light with a prismatic gem; this trend is easy to execute; use eyelash glue to secure these precious sparkles to your lid. For extra shimmer, adorn your eyes in our famous Glitter Pigments before adding your jewels.

4:  Make Out Pout

A bold lip, but better? You heard us! This Valentine's Day, don't shy away from a bold lip; instead, embrace the smudge and perfect the perfectly imperfect smudged or blurred lip, aka the make-out pout as we call it.

Take your fav lipstick or stain and start dabbing it on the center inner portion of your top and bottom lip; press the pigments into the lips to create a smudged stain that will outlast all the smooching and give you a cool girl glam moment. We love Anna Lipstick; this deep crimson is a stunning pigmented red that flatters all skin tones, apply, blur, blot, and go!

5:  Flirty Freckles 

This Valentine's Day, show your 'cute side' with a few fun faux freckles (or let your real ones shine through!). We recommend using a brown pencil, for this, we love Black Walnut. Draw scattered dots across your cheekbones and bridge of the nose, using a clean finger dab on top of the freckle marks and move placement pressing into your skin as you go, creating a random effect that is natural and cute!

TOP TIP: Set with a translucent loose powder like Blur, Set, Perfect Loose Finishing Powder to keep your new freckles in place!