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The Making of a Glitter Pigment

It takes over a year to develop and produce new Glitter Pigment shades; this process involves a lot of testing of unique pigments, base colors, and reflect shimmers and pearls - the options are endless, which is why it is no easy feat. Let's explore the product development process with Creative Director Lori Leib.

"We are all undeniably obsessed with the Glitter Pigments; the ease of application, insane sparkle and incredible color range make it impossible to pick a favorite and even harder to think up what to add next!"

Bodyography's 6th Glitter Pigment Collection is here. Meet "Chroma Lux," a collection of intensely saturated pigments with multi-prismatic and duo-chrome finishes. Inspired by the sights and sounds of cities after dark, Chroma Lux encapsulates the illusion of light and color. We played with duo-chrome pigments to create unique shades that harmonize with everyone's skin tone, eye color, and the lit environment around them. Your eyes are the stage that allows our famous Glitter Pigments to shine; we continue to bring you newness in this category because of your endless love of our innovative formula; we can't wait to see these new shades in action. 

When dreaming up new shades, Lori lines up all the existing colors and tries to pinpoint colors and tones missing from the current collection; this involves swatching in different light settings and exploring each shade, understanding color shifts, and undertones. Each Glitter Pigment has a base color and multi-colored shimmers and pearls. This construction gives this product a high-shine finish and wet-looking sheen; it is why Bodyography Glitter Pigments are superior in quality! When launching anything new under Bodyography, we take what YOU say to heart, including our customers, distributor partners, and educators, in the vetting process of new products. Let's meet the new shades!

"What I love most about our Glitter Pigments is that they act as an accessory to any look. They bring instant sparkle and 'wow' to any moment and transform your makeup with just one swipe."

Lori knew she wanted to add a Navy Glitter Pigment to the line-up. It took five iterations to get to the correct shade. Finally, we opted for a gunmetal Navy in the shade Spectra.

Spectra is a unique smokey, slate blue, and we are in love! Spectra is your instant smokey eye, the perfect balance of cool gunmetal and vibrant blue. If you look closely, there are cool and warm pearl particles that create such a dimensional shade. 

Our best-selling shades tend to be in the golden color family; for a good reason, these shades flatter all skin and eye colors and are, globally speaking, makeup's best-selling tones. Of course, we had to go outside the norm and add two new 'golden' and 'bronze' shades to the Chroma Lux Collection.

Mood is our new Bronze, an authentic saturated warm bronze that creates an elevated and effortless wash of color on the lids. 

"What I love most about our Glitter Pigments is that they act as an accessory to any look. They bring instant sparkle and 'wow' to any moment and transform your makeup with just one swipe."

Mood is the perfect mid-tone bronze shade, with unexpected pink, purple, and gold reflects in it. Swipe on as a stunning wash of color, or pair with your favorite gold Glitter Pigment for a pretty pop of light. 

Illusion is the most unique shade in the collection; it is a multi-faceted duo-chrome hybrid of peach, pink, and gold pigments.

With incredible ultra-reflective and color-shifting pigments, Illusion shifts from pink to gold and dances light across your lids. It is otherworldly. 

Last but not least, we have Hue. Hue is a duo-chrome purple with multi-tonal pink and purple pearl and shimmer on a lavender base pigment.

Hue shifts blue and purple and has pink running throughout; it is a particular color morphing purple and looks incredible on all eye colors! 

"I am so excited for you to get your hands on the Chroma Lux Collection, it took time and love to get these shades just right, and I know you will love them as much as I do; I cannot wait to see what you create!"