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Pretty In Pink: How To Wear Pink On The Lips, Cheeks And Eyes

Natural woman wearing tinted moisturizer

When you think about makeup, it’s hard not to think pink. Pink is often considered the color of femininity and youth and happens to be a universally flattering shade, yet somehow we still find it a challenge to wear. The magic comes down to finding the right shade of pink for you. Lucky for us, pink makeup options are endless! With Spring upon us, it’s time to embrace one of our favorite trends: monochromatic makeup - in particular, pink monochrome - wearing pink on the eyes, lips, and cheeks! When wearing pink on the eyes, steer clear of pinks that are too red, as it can often make your eyes appear tired or sick looking. Instead, look for peach or berry tones, and be sure to line the eyes with brown or black liner to create some contrast. We love matching the cheeks and lips. This doesn’t mean an opaque lip and opaque cheek - try matching the tones in a different texture and, of course, application. Let’s take a deeper dive!

Finding the perfect shade of pink that compliments your eye color and skin tone can take a bit of work, but here are a few simple tips to help you on your way to feeling pretty in pink:

African American woman wearing hot pink lip stick


We love a bold pink like fuchsia, magenta, or a bright coral for olive, tan, and darker skin. Have fun with different shades of pink and create contrast against your skin tone. 

Bodyography choices for medium/dark skin:

Solar Flare Glitter Pigment, Vivid Palette, Pure Pigment Palette, Ruby Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow, Blush Shadow Stylist Crayon

Cheeks: Dahlia Cream Blush, Afterglow Powder Blush, Coral Reef Cream Blush, Crush Powder Blush

Lips: Lolita Lipstick, Smile Lipstick, Ooh La La Lipstick, Candy Lip Lava, Superstar Lip Lava, Heartbreaker Lip Lava 

Fair skinned woman wearing light pink eye shadow


For light and fair skin, a pale pink works best (but we are not one to shy away from a neon moment either!). Try a pink with a lavender or dusty rose tone if your skin is on the cool side or a peach or coral pink if your skin tone is warmer.

Bodyography choices for fair/light skin:

Eyes: Devoted Eyeshadow, Stratus Glitter Pigment, Forever Summer Palette, Rose Quartz Crystal Glide Liquid Eye Shadow

Cheeks: Flirt Powder Blush, Afterglow Powder Blush, Nectar Powder Blush, Bashful Powder Blush, La Rose Cream Blush

Lips: Unrequited Love Lipstick, Sorbet Lipstick, Sateen Fabric Texture Lipstick, Silk Fabric Texture Lipstick, Petal Lip Lava  

Have fun creating a monochrome pink look this Spring, and when in doubt, opt for one bold application and keep the rest subtle.