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3 Trendy Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2022

We cannot believe Halloween decorations are already gracing the shelves of all the shops (even though we may have already purchased faux sherpa pumpkins in August).

If you're anything like the Bodyography Team, we save on costumes and build looks around makeup - it's easy, affordable, and endless possibilities. This year there are a handful of looks that we predict will be very popular; here is some inspiration and a few products to help you achieve this Halloween's best trending makeup costume! 

Look #1: A League of Their Own

If you're into retro finger waves, matte velvet skin, and a red lip, you should think about transforming into one of the Rockford Peaches from 'A League of Their Own. Not only is this show full of personality, but each woman has a specific look that builds the story around their character.

To get this look, style your hair in a deep side part and create faux finger waves with a 1-inch curling iron, curling your hair in the same direction around the entire head. Once you are complete, comb through for a retro effect. To achieve a timeless makeup look, ensure skin has excellent coverage with Silk Cream Foundation, set with Blur, Set, Perfect Loose Finishing Powder, and add a touch of blush to the cheeks.

Build striking brows with Essential Brow Trio and use the same trio to softly sculpt out the eye and draw a subtle cat eye. The show's star is a red lip; we love Anna Lipstick for a deeper red or Regal Lip Lava for a fiery poppy tone!

Look #2: Euphoria

We are obsessed with makeup from Euphoria, from Maddy's Bedazzled Cat Eye to Cassies 60's Smokey Eye. There are endless looks to choose from and be inspired by this pop culture phenomenon.

We love that Key Makeup Artist Donni Davy doesn't shy away from color, texture, and GLITTER to build her character looks. Did you know the artist used Bodyography in both seasons of this hit show? Let's break down one of our favorite looks! When Cassie transformed into Maddy - AKA 'Caddy' she rocked a unique mod; a 60s-inspired eye looks complete with a black smokey wing liner, blue accents, and glitter.

To get the look, start with gorgeous glowy skin, Cassie is youthful, and her skin almost looks 'wet' - we love Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer layered with Inner Glow Stick to get this look. Her cheeks are subtly sculpted with bronzer; Sunsculpt Bronzer and Highlighter Duo will be perfect for this lit from within sculpt and glow. Brush brows up, keeping them youthful and fluffy, and begin to build your eye look.

Starting with Onyx Pencil, trace the shape you try to emulate from Cassie's look. Take this pencil under the lower lash line and create an outer wing. We recommend going over this shape in On Point Liquid Liner Pen to keep it in place all night and make it pop. Line the upper lash line with Cobalt Shadow Stylist Crayon, and to top it off, add Blue Morpho Glitter Pigment between the blue and black liner on the upper lid. Apply Brick Lip Lava all over the lips, and voila! 

Look #3: Bridgerton Babes

If you're looking for a costume with minimal effort, we love the Bridgerton look—glowing, pretty makeup with a soft romantic up-do and an empire-style dress with gloves. The Birdgerton makeup look is refined and lovely, with natural satin skin emphasizing sculpting, blush, lashes, and a pretty pout.

To get the look, start by perfecting the skin with Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer, creating a stunning, youthful canvas. The longing look of love is crucial for any Brigerton makeup look; create doe eyes with Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonstone, layered with a light shimmering Glitter Pigment in Halo or Stratus and lashings of Epic Lash.

Add a subtle sculpt to the cheeks with Sunsculpt and From Within Highlighter and create a monochromatic cheek and lip look with demure lipstick in the shade Elizabeth applied to lips and dotted on the cheeks. Elizabeth is the perfect barely there shade that flatters all skin tones! The only thing left is to bat your eyelashes and act as cheeky as possible, and your costume is complete!