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3 Classic Bridal Makeup Styles

There are endless options when considering the details of each unique wedding; bridal makeup is personal and can be defined in many different ways. Bridal makeup looks can range from perfectly natural to bold and colorful, depending on the theme of the wedding, time and date, location, and the bride herself.

At Bodyography, we believe in a more natural approach to wedding makeup, allowing for the bride’s best features to be enhanced and to look and feel like the best version of herself. Whether you are a bride applying your makeup for your big day or a Makeup Artist looking to further your bridal makeup knowledge, this Bridal Review by Bodyography will touch on the essential steps necessary to create a unique and timeless bridal look and experience. 

Though bridal makeup is relatively specific for the wedding day, the following techniques can easily translate to classic beauty, meaning every feature on the face is in perfect harmony. When somebody looks at you, they will notice your entire look. 

The Bodyography Bride is someone who understands the importance of a flawless canvas; it is from your perfected skin that we build on creating a stunning look for your wedding day. Brides and Makeup Artists choose Bodyography because the products look and feel natural and beautiful on the skin and have incredible staying power, ensuring your makeup will last all day long. The natural mineral base of Bodyography products feels weightless on the skin. Still, it packs a punch of color, allowing for excellent color payoff and easy blending when applying color products. 

Bodyography makeup is safe for sensitive skin and is formulated WITHOUT Talc, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, or Parabens. We offer Vegan and Gluten-Free options, perfect for all skin types and all brides. Remember to keep your makeup space, kit, and products clean and sanitary; the safety of your clients is essential. Our Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Spray works instantly to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria from cosmetic products, tester displays, makeup kits, workstations, and hands.

Below are a few of our favorite bridal makeup styles – what’s your favorite?

1. Modern & Matte

2. Sensually Sunkissed

3. Smokey Siren