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An Interview with our Founder, Lori Leib

Working her way up from assembling boxes in the warehouse and answering phones to VP of Marketing and Product Development, Lori Leib, now co-owner of Bodyography, is responsible for the complete 360 of Bodyography, from a small USA professional brand to a global indie color cosmetics line! Lori's unique vision, product development background, and connection to the loyal Bodyography community are evident in everything she does - you can see and feel Lori's passion across every product launch and campaign. We had the chance to sit down with Lori and talk to her about what inspires her, how she juggles motherhood and work, and plans for the future of Bodyography as we celebrate Lori's birthday and her gift to her customers, 25% off all of her favorite products all March long!

How did you get to where you are today?

My love for beauty runs deep - I was raised in this industry and spent my summers assembling boxes, packing orders, answering the phones, and working beauty tradeshows - though I had yet to see a future in beauty. It wasn't until I dropped out of college to attend FIDM in LA that I realized that creativity is where my strengths lay. I spent a few years working in fashion, styling, assisting designers, etc., until I was offered an opportunity at my family's business to revamp and grow a little-known brand, Bodyography. As an overprepared Aries, I chose to attend beauty school before diving into this opportunity to understand the technical side of the industry. From that moment, I fell in love. My product development background was beneficial in my transition to part-time brand manager, which quickly turned into full-time creative director and now co-owner and VP of Product Development. I am super grateful that I took this opportunity 14 years ago and am so happy I switched my path and went to FIDM as I utilize my college skills daily! 

What experiences at FIDM made you realize a creative career path was for you?

When I stepped on campus to present my application project, I felt like I belonged there. Students came to school dressed to impress, and everyone took their experience there seriously. I had a great branding and marketing class that I loved and a Trend Forecasting teacher who expressed her interest in my skills; this is where I began to shine in school for the first time in my entire life. I loved the creativity, challenge, and overall business mindset FIDM allowed me to explore. 

How do you balance a busy career and family?

This is constantly changing; some days, I feel as though I have all my ducks in a row, and others, I feel scattered, disengaged, and exhausted! Luckily, I love my job - this makes me appreciate my day-to-day schedule and life and allows me to try and find a balance between motherhood and founder life. I have a great circle of support, from my sisters and family to my crew of child-care queens. I am set up for success. My husband and I both work hard to make family a priority, and if that means we switch off taking turns caring for our son, so be it - it is all a juggle, but worth it! 

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new products?

I pull inspiration from many different things; a few common inspiration themes are music, travel, and art. Bodyography has taken me all over the world, and I have met some incredible people; I always get inspired by what local men and women are wearing and how they define trends and wear fashion day to day; I love to sit at a corner bistro in a new place and watch inspiration pass me by - simply put you inspire me.

What are your most worn Bodyography products, and why?

This is easy, I have a 'standard' beauty routine of 5 or so products, and this baseline is the foundation of all my makeup looks. For starters, I always prep my skin with Coconut Milk Serum; I love this product because it is lightweight but super hydrating and layers well with my other skincare and makeup products. To get a perfect complexion in 2 seconds flat, I always use my Skin Slip Concealer in L3; this stuff does it all and never needs to be touched up. I never leave the house without Sunsculpt Bronzer and Highlighter Duo on my cheeks and eyes for an easy one-and-done look. Epic Lash is my holy grail mascara; it never flakes, always keeps my lashes curled, and is the OG best formula if I say so myself. I keep it simple on the lips, a nude Lip Pencil in either Barely There or Heatherberry and a nude Gloss in Shy. If I go somewhere special, I will always amp it up with a Glitter Pigment; my go-to shades are Celestial, Aura Glow, and Mood.

Speaking of Glitter Pigments, this is your best-seller - what makes this product so unique?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to apply eyeshadow and which color to use - I knew there was white space to create a product that was easy to achieve a super dazzling eye look. About seven years ago, I started working with my chemist, and they showed me this incredible new technology; from there, the Glitter Pigment was born. Our formula is unlike any other on the market; we use the highest quality, shimmer, mica, and pearl - offering the most luminous 'glittery' effect without using dangerous plastic glitter particles. With 24 shades, there is something for everyone in this elevated collection of shimmering shadows, just one swipe and you're good to go all night! 

What are your goals for Bodyography?

My goals have always been to offer quality, innovation, and support - to our distributors, retail partners, and customers. Still, my new goal is to expand our reach and lock in a USA retailer who can give us a stage to shine and grow as a brand and community. I am excited about where we are, and we have achieved so much as a small brand! I have many innovations launching in 2023/2024; I cannot wait for you to try the products and add them to your ever-evolving beauty routines. 

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